Benefits of Bitcoin

Rising Bitcoin price giving the lot benefit to all the youngster's users as well as senior citizens. As the people are looking bitcoin for great investment deal and money making a trade which is the good thing. The long term investment with Bitcoin in India or any other cryptocurrency is a huge idea.
Since the nation got its best bitcoin exchange in India and buy and sell bitcoin become so easy. The people can buy and sell Bitcoin in India with best bitcoin rate and also purchase other digital currency also. With this, you can also invest your money to buy bitcoin in India for the retierement purpose.
Transaction made easy
Buy bitcoin and send it around the globe anywhere with minimum fees and less time. You can purchase bitcoin with bitcoin exchange in India. The payment can be done online through debit card, credit card, and Paypal.
The Gaining Value 
Bitcoin is getting a worldwide acceptance in countries. Due to which the value of bitcoin is kept on increasing.
The bit…

Bitcoin Status in India

A few months back in March 2017 the Indian government decided to study the bitcoin and its related traits. To examine the digital currency government formed a panel including all government officials from Finance Ministry, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Technology, Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India and NITI Aayog.

The government formed committee now came along with its final report submitted by the end of July. The decision over bitcoin is still waiting but will it be coming favor of bitcoin exchange in India or against this is yet to be announced.
The government official from the committee said that they are not sure but the legalizing the bitcoin in INida but banning is also not confirm from their side. The risk of banning bitcoin in India can be the loss of Indian government in many ways.
The ban can raise the illegal trading and buy and sell bitcoin in India and people can skip from the tax tradition to be paid to the government on their property or funds. The best …

Bitcoin Legal or Ban in India?

The news breaks out recently that the committee established to make a report on digital currency will be submitting their examined report soon in July.

In March the Indian government took the decision to form a panel including officials from the finance ministry, the ministry of technology, NITI Aayog, Reserve Bank of India and State Bank of India. The report is about to complete and will be submitted soon. The meeting was going to hold regarding the Bitcoin on Monday but postponed due to some reasons.

The government official form panel told in his statement that:
“We have had five meetings and have consulted all ministries, public, stakeholders (bitcoin exchanges). We will submit the report by July-end.” The committee had done a thorough examine regarding the Bitcoin in India and globally. The authority also said that they are still thinking about the issue of legalizing Bitcoin in India. But the decision of banning bitcoin could also not be easy. The decision would make great change…

Best Bitcoin Wallet in India

There are multiple bitcoin wallets in India. The best bitcoin exchange in India provides bitcoin wallet to their user. Who buy and sell bitcoin in India with huge or less investment in bitcoins.

1. Unocoin

Unocoin provides bitcoin wallet to its user with high-performance security and best bitcoin rate in India. They are the good supplier of bitcoin with customer support and quick service.

2. Zebpay

Zebpay is one of the best bitcoin exchange in India. Covering the market they provide high better support to from creating an account to buy bitcoin to their users. They perform every secure trait before allowing the user to buy and sell bitcoin in India.

3. Bitxoxo

Bitxoxo is the fastest growing Bitcoin exchange in India. They are known for the best customer support and 24X7 service to their customers. All the legal formalities are the priority for the exchange before providing any kind of service to its users. Bitxoxo is the only bitcoin exchange in India which does not charge any fee for t…

Types of Bitcoin Wallet

After buying the best bitcoin rate in India are you confused where to store your bitcoins. No worries here is the solution to you. Bitcoin wallets are similar to the wallet in which you store your fiat currency. The wallet that helps you to send and receive bitcoin in minutes to the person sitting miles away from you in his wallet. You can easily get them from the available bitcoin exchange in India.
These wallets are operated with keys. There are two kinds of keys such as:

1. Private Key
2. Public Key

The private key owns the account holder to access his/her account privately. Whereas the public key the key which is used by the user to send and receive bitcoin.

There are 3 different types of Bitcoin Wallet

1. Cold wallet

They are the most secure bitcoin wallets as they operate offline and allows to store a large amount of bitcoin in the wallet. The bitcoin wallets are not connected to the internet.

2. Mobile Wallet

Use your smartphones as a wallet and the convenient way to send and rec…

What is Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin wallet works as a safe place to your bitcoin. Protection from hackers and any other illegal thefts. The bitcoin wallets are similar to the bank saving accounts where you store your money safely and without any stress.

Bitcoin wallets allow you to send, receive and hold your bitcoins in your wallets. Mostly bitcoin exchange in India and other countries provide bitcoin wallet to their customers.

If you buy bitcoin after searching for the best bitcoin rate in India and from the best bitcoin exchange in India. You should take off some time to have the bitcoin wallet. It only takes few minutes to get started. You need the email address and password to send and receive bitcoin using your bitcoin wallet.

While singing in your bitcoin wallet it gives you the unique wallet address. Which is not to be shared with anyone. It is similar to you bank account number. This unique code consists of 34 digits (numbers and letters both upper and lower case).

There are four types of bitcoin wallet…

Bitcoin Legal or Illegal in India

Bitcoin a decentralized currency. The cryptocurrency that can be earned from various ways and most important needs the safe platform to operations.
The India government is examining the bitcoin for which they have formed a committee taking high profile officials from every important segment of India authorities like banks, income tax, politics, department of finance, etc. 
The Central government had not said anything about the digital currency, not even the matter of banning it in India has been raise. The bitcoin is still operating in India. Day by day the people's trust of bitcoin is developing which is leading to the high volume trade and demand mostly from the young professionals. The people are looking for the best bitcoin exchange in India to buy and sell bitcoin in India. Also the best bitcoin rates from the bitcoin exchange.
Recently the post has been got viral on social media page Twitter by one of the members of the committee to vote for the bitcoin to be legal or illeg…