Friday, 11 August 2017

Safest Bitcoin Wallet Available with Bitcoin Exchange in India

Bitcoin wallet is safe but it depends on which bitcoin wallet are you using. There is multiple bitcoin wallet available with the bitcoin exchange in India or any other wallet providing company. Every bitcoin exchange provides wallet to its users to store the bitcoins.

If you willing you can also ensure the safety by using safety authenticator for your wallet.
There are many bitcoin wallets the safest bitcoin wallet assumed are the hardware wallet to keep safe your best bitcoin rate purchased coins.

What is hardware wallet?

Hardware wallets are the physical electronic device used to store the private key of the user. The key is secured in a protected way in hardware wallet. You can not send or receive bitcoins with connecting the bitcoin wallet to any device like a computer, phone or tablet. With a wallet, you can safely buy or sell bitcoin in India in no time.

Three types of most secure hardware wallets are:

1. Legder Nano S
2. Keepkey
3. Trezor

These hardware wallets are the safest to store your bitcoins and key. They are not always online and secure your private key to get hack or from any kind of scam. Usually, the best bitcoin exchange in India like Bitxoxo, Coinsecure and Unocoin provide wallet but you need to see whether they are a hot or cold wallet with the bitcoin exchange in India before you buy bitcoin in India and store them in the bitcoin wallet.

The hardware wallet is easy to use because they are less technical. They are safe and you can make an easy backup for your private key for further use.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Trouble Choosing Best Bitcoin Exchange in India

After so many readings and experience, I found few thing common in every exchange. Every exchange says they will provide great service to you. The nice bitcoin exchange experience says to give good service, best bitcoin rate, customer support system and easy interface of the website. 

Listed below the best bitcoin exchange in India according to their services of buy and sell bitcoin in India, best bitcoin rate, and their assistance to their customer.

1. Bitxoxo

Bitxoxo is the fastest growing bitcoin exchange in India. Their services are 24x7 and they take 0% fee for it. Which means all the services and transaction made through bitxoxo are free. They are the first bitcoin exchange in India and in the world who launched their Pre-Paid Gift card for their users.

2. Coinsecure

The bitcoin exchange in India with nice service of the transaction. They have their mobile app both on IOS and Android to make your trade easy. They charge transaction fees but on the minimal rate. Coinsecure are the reliable exchange with a good interface.

3. Zebpay

The oldest of all zebpay bitcoin exchange in India. You can get good service to buy bitcoin in India from the exchange. The rate is sometimes on the higher side in comparison to others bitcoin exchange in India. 

These all are the bitcoin exchange operation in Inida. There other exchange not listed in the category but they are nice for trading. All the best bitcoin exchange in India came together to form an association also. To spread the awareness of bitcoin in India.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Future of Bitcoin Exchange in India

All the bitcoin users depend on the bitcoin exchange in India. When someone makes his mind to buy bitcoin in India. The individual searches for the best bitcoin exchange in India and looks for the services and reviews for the same.

The best bitcoin exchange in India is Bitxoxo, Consecure, Zebpay, etc. One can easily buy and sell bitcoin in India from these many bitcoin exchanges in India. If you need to buy any other cryptocurrency then also you need to buy bitcoin in India through these bitcoin exchange.

The best bitcoin rate available with the bitcoin exchange is changing every time but you can be lucky enough if you get it. Later you can use your bitcoin to buy other altcoins by transferring them from your bitcoin exchange to another international exchange.

Bitcoin exchange in India plays a significant role for the people interested in bitcoin. If bitcoin get legal in India the bitcoin exchange in India can elaborate themselves more, add new crypto currencies.

This could be the beneficial for India economy also because if a buyer buy bitcoin in India using Indian exchange the currency stays in the country which will be profitable for the financial growth of country.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Bitcoin Surge High After Fork Activation

The activation of UASF bought the positive result for both the coin. The bitcoin and the new currency launched after the activation of SegWit. The Bitcoin Cash with the new blockchain trading high on more than $200.

The price of bitcoin surge continued as the Bitcoin Cash price came down. Currently, all the best bitcoin exchange in India had refused to support Bitcoin Cash trading to their bitcoin exchange. The founders and CEO of Bitcoin exchange in India have been giving a statement that they will monitor the new currency (Bitcoin Cash) and if there is the need to introduce to their Indian Users and demand will rise. 

They will think upon it to launch in bitcoin exchange in India. All the best bitcoin exchange in India like Bitxoxo, Zebpay, Coinsecure etc. are monitoring the new currency.

The bitcoin price soars high by crossing $3000. The price of bitcoin could be the best bitcoin rate of this year or it will exceed more than that reaching $4000 in the year 2017. All this could be just assumed for now. But this is for sure you can buy and sell bitcoin in India with the good price now.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Best Bitcoin Rate in India

Bitcoin the electronic run digital currency. Bitcoin in India is going through a long run legal and non-legal process. The Indian government has been working on the cryptocurrency take by forming the committee.

The best bitcoin exchange in India had also formed an association named DABFI. The association involving all the bitcoin enthusiasts including Bitxoxo, Unocoin, Cooinsecure and many others. The association is also taking an active part and trying to help the government to make them understand the each and every fact of digital currency.

The trend of trading and price of bitcoin in a growth after the activation of fork. The SegWit end up with the positive effect on bitcoin price. However after the split of blockchain and the launch of new currency and chain the Bitcoin Cash soars high with great potential but gradually it came down. Whereas the first week of August was full of surprises for bitcoin users and the bitcoin exchange in India. All the people losing hope in bitcoin and try to sell bitcoin in India, now you can change your mind as more rise in price to come.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Buy Bitcoin in India

As India being progressive towards the digitalization and people getting diverted towards the digital currency. Many new Bitcoin exchanges in India came in front with their super talented customer service and reliability regarding the funds of bitcoin users and investors.

There is few best bitcoin exchange in India who provide the great service to buy and sell bitcoin in India with no time. mentioning few popular names of bitcoin exchange in India. Bitxoxo, Unocoin, Coinsecure, localbitcoin.

You need to follow few simple steps to buy bitcoin in India.

1. Open an account in a bitcoin exchange of your choice. Before choosing the best bitcoin exchange for urself to look out the reviews for the same. Whether the exchange is giving you the best bitcoin rate, quick and secure server or not. In short, the bitcoin exchange should be value for money.

2. Now with all your government authorized documents (KYC) your account is been verified by the exchange. This may take few days or hours depending on the exchange. Like Bitxoxo complete the verification process within 1-2 hours maximum.

3. To buy bitcoin from the exchange you need to log in again with your verified ID and Password.

4. The page to buy bitcoin open. Where you can fill a number of funds (deposit) from which you can buy bitcoin in India. (note the reference number)

5. Filling the amount, verify with your bitcoin address and now place an order to buy bitcoin.

6. Within time your bitcoin in digits will be shown in your bitcoin exchange account.

Friday, 28 July 2017

How to make bitcoin Transactions?

Bitcoin exchange in India is spreading all possible ways to spread awareness of cryptocurrencies and most importantly bitcoin the digital asset. All the facility provided by exchange and step by step stages from opening an account to making transaction of fund i.e, the guide to buy and sell bitcoin in India.

There are several bitcoin exchanges around the world but there are few best bitcoin exchanges in India. The exchanges that provide great service to their customers, 24x7 customer services, low or no transaction fees, easy and quick services with all secure and users friendly interface. That also have mobile apps both IOS and Android. THe bitcoin wallet is also provided from the bitcoin exchange in India.

You can get best bitcoin rate from the exchanges such as bitxoxo, unocoin, coinsecure and zebpay. These are the best bitcoin exchange in India, which offers the huge support to make customer friendly with the interface and transaction to buy bitcoin in India.

Making Transaction through bitcoin exchange in three simple steps:

1. Input
This is the address of the sender sending the amount of bitcoin to another person living in or far away from your city.

2. Amount
The total number of bitcoin you are sending to someone.

3. Output
The bitcoin address of the receiver who is receiving the bitcoin send by the person.

Safest Bitcoin Wallet Available with Bitcoin Exchange in India

Bitcoin wallet is safe but it depends on which bitcoin wallet are you using. There is multiple bitcoin wallet available with the bitcoin ex...